When you create an event display and need graphic panels, the traditional options today are:

  • Direct printed rigid substrates, such as PVC, Foamboard, Coroplast, Acrylic, or thin metals.  These either slide into channels of an extrusion-based display, or attach with Magnets or Velcro to the face of a frame.
  • Fabric (direct or dye-sublimated) utilizing Silicon-Edge Keter (SEG) or Velcro to attach it to a frame.

However, a new solution is emerging into the marketplace and it cannot be a more exciting time for the industry.  Fabric Images, a RH Visual supplier, has launched a new product called Acusti-fi™ that is going to disrupt the industry like dye-sublimated fabric did when it came to market.  This stuff is incredible!  Let me tell you why.

  • Rigid felt material, 9mm thick, that dampens sound and controls unwanted noise in open spaces, greatly reducing excess noise in the mid-to-high frequency range.
  • 21 standard colors available, but can be custom printed with provided artwork, including unique textures such as brick, wood, or concrete. The final printed resolution is impeccable.
  • Each sheet is sized at 4ft x 8ft and weighs just 4 lbs.
  • Extremely durable and can withstand impact to avoid cracking or breakage unlike plastic materials
  • Can be carved or reverse cut to provide relief and unique patterns, while retaining structure integrity.
  • Environmental Friendly – fabricate from 100% recycled PET (plastic bottles)
Below are some form factors of Acusti-fi™ and how they are currently being used. Click each photo to learn more about these individualized solutions.